Net Seal - Licensing System

What is it?
Net Seal is a hosted licensing system for .Net applications. Allowing you to automate the sales and delivery
of your software, updates, and restrict access to only authorized users.

Risk Free
Net Seal is set up in such a way that you only pay for what you need. All new accounts receive free license
and program space so you can evaluate and start using the software. There is no need to take any gambles or make
unnecessary investments. Start selling your software and purchase more license space as you go, our rates are very

No Monthly or Hidden Fees
You can purchase license slots to increase your user capacity which is consumed when a user redeems a serial code
for your program. There are no monthly fees on licenses, programs, etc; these are all one time purchases. Please
note though that some optional services could be introduced later on which may require a monthly or annual fee to
cover hosting costs.

What does Net Seal have to offer?
-Easy to use control panel to manage your application.
-Quick and easy implementation, it only takes a few minutes.
-Prevent unauthorized access to your software.
-Automate the sale and delivery of your application.
-Secure network transmission using RSA and AES.
-Optional exception handling and reporting.
-Optional anti-debugging and anti-virtual machine measures.
-Extensive permission system for co-owners or support staff.
-Configurable machine and IP address locking mechanisms.
-News system to keep your users up to date.
-Update system which allows you to send out patches.
-Remote API to access data from your web applications.
-Serial codes support various license types, durations, and points.
-Version tracking allows you to determine which build users are running.

What are you waiting for? It's free so try it for yourself and determine whether or not our licensing solution is
right for you. If you have any questions please send an email to the address below.

Please see our End-user License Agreement here.
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